Things I’ve read and seen this week that you might enjoy.

This is an older video but still powerful. Call your grandma. (Video)

Stephen King helps you decide how to pick your desk and stay sober. (Link)

“For many employees, this was a way to support a family, albeit one they barely saw. I, however, envisioned a stepping stone to financial freedom. I formed my plan: I would work and save for two years, from the end of April 2015 to the beginning of May 2017. The goal was to save at least $40,000 dollars, which I would then use to start a business.” (Link)

Outside put together a megalist of everything you need to know about going outside. (Link)

“I, a manufacturing robot at Google Factory C4.7, value diversity and inclusion. I also do not deny that machines are sometimes given preference to humans in the workplace. All I’m suggesting in this document is that humans’ underrepresentation in tech is not due to discrimination. Rather, it is a result of biological differences. Specifically, humans have a biology.” (Link)

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