Category: Fragments

Fragments, Vol. 5

30 Days on a Cargo Ship, Eclipse Recap, Find & Fix Your Child, & John Wick 2

Fragments, Vol. 4

One of my favorite channels on YouTube is wrapping up. They published their final scripted episode this week and I appreciate the care and attention they gave to explaining why its so important that we think about thinking. On the evening of October 30, 1938, a seventy-six-year-old millworker in Grover’s Mill, New Jersey, named ...

Fragments, Vol. 3

Dreams, Villains, Kojima talks war, dying cities, and women in sports.

Fragments, Vol. 2

Eclipse 2017, Heroic Whales, Greek Manhood, and Zelda.

Fragments, Vol. 1

Stephen King, sex in tents, work life (for robots and humans), and a good reason to call your grandmother